Monday Night French Movie Night Present’s:

 The Menu:

Monday, September 11th 2017
Manhattan seafood chowder
Salmon risotto with chick peas and saffron sauce
Linguine with prosciutto, mushroom, tomato, roasted garlic cream sauce
Pan seared sole filet, seafood ravioli, vegetable lobster saffron broth
Chicken casserole with fresh herbs, white beans, chorizo, tomato, basil pesto broth
Maple walnut pie with vanilla ice cream
Bon Appétit!

                                                     The Movie:” In The Courtyard

Middle-aged musician Antoine suddenly decides to end his career. After several days’ aimless wandering, he is hired as the caretaker of an old residential building in Paris. Mathilde is a recently retired resident, generous-spirited and deeply involved with the management of the building. After she discovers a crack in her living room wall, her worry gradually turns to panic – what if the building were to collapse? Slowly, Antoine develops a fondness for this woman he is afraid will slip into madness. Through a confusion of misfires and anxiety, the two develop an awkward friendship, funny yet solid, which might just get them through this difficult patch…

Catherine Deneuve, Féodor Atkine, Gustave Kervern